5 Tips to become a better swimmer

5 Tips to become a better swimmer 5 Tips to become a better swimmer

Swimming is a sport that has attracted a lot of beginners (7 Beginner tips for swimming) recently, regardless of their ages. You might want to take up on swimming as a way to cross-train or simply because you want to be good at one more sport. Either way, you have made a good choice.

There are many benefits to swimming. It is good for your cardiovascular system. It helps you release stress, control your weight and increase your stamina. Since it is a low-impact sport, it balances with those kind of high-impact activities like running and HIIT workout.

Nonetheless, because swimming is a water sport, you might find it so foreign at first. So, here we list something that can help you get accustomed to the sport and improve your performance efficiently.

  1. Do not set the bar too high:

Working out in the water is nothing like working out on land. Swimming being a low-impact (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/18/low-impact-exercises_n_1434616.html) sport does not mean it does not cost you as much energy as other high-impact ones. Being able to work out for an hour continuously on land does not mean that you can swim continuously for an hour. Even if you are a very good runner, you might find out that you cannot swim very far.

Therefore, do not set the bar too high, especially at the beginning, or else you will waste a lot of energy without getting the expected results. You have to know your limit. Set the goal at something that allow you to push yourself, but not too much. For example, on the first day, you can make your goal one lap without taking a break. The second day, you can make it two laps, just like that.

  1. Pick quality over quantity:

A beginner in swimming usually makes the mistake to swim a lot but do not pay enough attention to their techniques. At first, you cannot just jump into the pool, pulling your hand as wide and fast as you can and kickick frantically. That does not get you anywhere.

The quality of your swim comes from your swimming form and your techniques. You have to know how to breath, pay attention to your kicks, strokes and your posture (http://www.swimmingworldmagazine.com/news/ultimate-guide-fixing-swimmers-posture/). There are a lot of things to learn and remember so you have to take it slow. Practice your techniques one by one until you get as good at it as you can.

Even advanced swimmers sometimes rush it and make the same mistake. Remember that in swimming, a good form means a good performance.

  1. Get your gears right:

When you are a beginner, it is important to get in a suitabe and comfortable swimsuit, to wear goggles to protect your eyes and allow you to relax facing down the pool. A cap can be used for keeping your hair from covering or poking your eyes.

You can get a pull buoy (http://triathlon.competitor.com/2014/11/training/swim-training-pull-buoy-basics_18810 to help you ignore your legs and focus on your strokes and your upper body alignment. That way, you can pay attention to how your hand feel the water with each strokes, which makes perfecting your strokes easier. You can also get kickboards to help practice your kicks. You should kick with your hip rhythmically and do not be too tense.

  1. Know your way in the pool:

There are certain rules to follow when you are in a pool. If you do not learn about them before getting in one, you can disturb other people. You should go down on the right side of the lane and come back on the other side.

Also, there are pools that label their lanes as fast, medium and slow. Choose the lane that suits you. If you cannot find the label, take some time to watch other swimmers the find the one that is right for you.

When you want to take a break, you can pull over to the wall. Never stop in the middle of the lane. You can be in someone’s way and if they do not notice, they can bump into you.

  1. Learn from others:

The best way to do this is for you to join a swimming club or to get a coach. Group practice can make training more efficient. Experienced swimmers can give you a lot of helpful tips, tell you what you do wrong and give you advices to fix bad habits. Also, you will feel more motivated practicing with others. You can even learn by watching advanced swimmers.


Swimming is a sport where techniques mean everything. If you want to become a better swimmer, perfect your techniques. Do not rush it and go with your own pace. Having fun is always a must in playing sports.

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