9 Good foods for swimmers

Exercising is meant to boost your health and stamina through exerting yourself, so you cannot exercise with an empty stomach. The same thing applies to swimming. Swimmers need to provide themselves with enough nutrition and they have to do that moderately, not too much or too few, and punctually.

9 Good foods for swimmers

You have to pay attention to what you eat and how you eat so that you can achieve the desired results through training and competing. If you train for a long time, you might need energy foods in-between practices and on race days, you should do the same between events. Drink a lot, too. Staying hydrated is as important in swimming as it is in any sport.

If you have the right ingredients but you do not prepare them the right way, all the time you take to pick them will go to waste. You should look for those healthy recipes. Maybe you can get the best induction cookware out there to make the job of preparing them easier and faster.

While water helps with digesting foods, swimmers need foods that are easy to digest. Apples, bananas, pretzels… are recommended for taking in-between events. Though there are variations and good food choices depend on each person differently, here are some foods that generally are good for swimmers.

  1. Beans:

Many kinds of bean contain antioxidants such as pinto, red or kidney beans. Antioxidants are known to help athletes make the best out of their strength and resists diseases. Antioxidants combined with protein in beans are just what swimmers need to have good health and energy stored for them.

It is easy to prepare beans. You can add beans to almost everything, but the most favorite combination is salad. Boil the beans and make a salad dish out of them.

  1. Apples:

It is just like what they say: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Having apples refularly is a good way to combat against those free radicals that bond with your body tissues and cause the aging process to speed up along with bad long-term conditions.

You can do so many thing with apples. You can make apple cakes, apple pies, apple salads. Nonetheless, the best way to enjoy them is simply to take a big bite off them.

  1. Prunes:

Prunes are great stuffs for swimmers. They lower cholesterol and help to improve bone health. They provide you with vitamin K and beta carotene. They can even help prevent diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

What’s more, they are delicious and there are a lot of things you can make from them: salads, cakes, dried prunes…

  1. Unsweetened dark chocolate:

It sounds too good to be true, enjoying delicious chocolate while keeping health benefits in mind. This is one way to do it: use unsweetened dark chocolate. They contain antioxidants to fight free radicals. They help to reduce blood pressure and they are good for the arteries. Have them in moderation, though.

  1. Pomegranate juice:

It taste delicious and just like any foods that athletes favor, it has high concentration of antioxidants, the best out of all fruit actually. It can lower blood pressure (http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20488689,00.html) and cholesterol and fight diseases. Is there any reason not to add it to your list of regular drinks?

However, you should dilute pure juice with water so the concentration of sugar is not too high that it causes a sugar rush.

  1. Artichokes:

Artichokes have many health benefits. They help with digestive issues, liver and bone health. They also lower blood pressure and boost metabolism. You can have them in spinach artichoke dip, like many people do. You can make artichoke tea by boiling them. It taste fresh and it is nutritious.

  1. Pears:



Pear is a fruit that is full of good nutrients such as dietary fiber, antioxidant, minerals and vitamins. It is low in calories as well. There are many recipes you can try with pears. You can make cakes, salads or poach them. However, the simplest and most natural way to do is to enjoy them as they are.

  1. Berries:


How many berries are there that you can name? Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and what else? They all contain high level of antioxidants. You can make a delicious and tasty-looking smoothie out of them along with yogurt and ice. Who can say no to yummy smoothie?

Elderberries are also something you can look for. They are good to for cold or flu patients. Your local health food store is a place where you can find them apart from the grocer’s.

  1. Russet and sweet potatoes:

Russte potatoes contain antioxidants. You can make them into your side dish. Beta carotene in sweet potatoes help to increase your stamina.


Swimming is an intense sport where you have to pay attention to many things, from your form and techniques which have many controversial aspects (Controversial aspects of swimming that you have to get straights). A good diet can help to improve your performance in swimming. The choices can be different from person to person, but these choices above are commonly recommended.


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