Controversial aspects of swimming that you have to get straights

Controversial aspects of swimming that you have to get straights

Just like any sport out there, swimming has many controversial aspects regarding training and techniques. If you take swimming seriously and want to become an advanced swimmer, you should take extra care on how you train, your swimming form and style. And that means you should not get these things wrong.

  1. Technique or fitness:

Technique is certainly the key to swimming effectively. Swimming is a techniccal sport to its core. Technique is what keeps you floating, what helps you move forward with each stroke and how far and how fast you can swim.

However, if you just have technique on mind and do not pay attention to fitness, you will soon reach a point where you cannot improve any further. Also, you will probably cannot perform well in long-distance competition because of your lacking in stamina (

Therefore, you have to combine both technique and fitness training to become as good a swimmer as you can. You can try a lot of different approaches but remember to keep a good balance of these two kinds of training. Those 2 elements combined will lead you towards becoming a strong swimmer.

One more thing, if you are striving to be a triathlete, you should add open water training to your training plan, too.

  1. Facing down or facing forward:

How you position your head is a very crucial part of your swimming form and also a thing that does not work the same for different people. There are world’s top swimmers that choose either facing down or facing forward to his best purpose.

When you work towards becoming an advanced swimmer, you have to choose a style of swimming that is suitable for you, and that means you have to adopt your own right head position. Your head position has to work in favour of your stroke.

For female swimmers, with their natural ability to float more easily, they can feel somewhat unbalanced facing down. On the contrary, swimmers with legs that tend to sink can find that facing down helps them achieve the desired horizontal position.

  1. How long should you make your stroke?

The image that comes to mind when you think of an efficient swimmer is a swimmer who can finish a lap with the least possible strokes. A long stroke ( is often associated with fewer strokes per lap.

Nonetheless, that does not mean that you have to make your stroke too long as possible. You you try to extend you arm too far, you can mess up your rhymth and the timing will be off. In the end, you cannot swim efficiently and your performance will not improve, or even worsen.

As a beginner, you have to pay attention to your stroke length. But when you get past that state and find that your stroke length is at its best, turn your attention to stroke rate. Work out the right balance of stroke length and stroke rate to achieve your ultimate swimming form.

  1. Should you roll your body or not?

Body roll sometimes is thought of as a way of increasing the drag, making your swimming difficult. A flat body is what many think of the ultimate form to swimming technique.

However, to have a good freestyle technique, you need good body rotation ( Rolling your body can help you breath more easily while keeping your stroke long and good. The chance of you getting injured can be greatly reduced this way. You will also find your muscle groups built magnificently.

Therefore, when swimming, you should try to roll your shoulders and hips as one with a body angle of 45-60 degrees. Try that and see how much good it does for you.


Swimming is a good choice of sport for sure. You can add swimming to your routine to cross-train, to lose weight or to work out. Since swimming is something you can really get hooked on, you should also consider the possibility of taking it further and try to become an advanced swimmer that can compete.

Swimming can be for fun but swimming can also be something to prove yourself at. If you want swimming to be a way to leave your mark, to stand out, you should get the aspects mentioned above right. You might even be surprised at how well you can do.

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