Why swimming should be your next choice of sport

Why swimming should be your next choice of sport

Many people think that swimming is merely for summer fun. However, swimming is a very effective, full-body workout that everyone should try. If you already are a runner or participate in any kind of high-impact sports, swimming is a way to balance your workout.

Everybody can benefit from swimming. Here are a few reason why you should probably add swimming to your existing weekly routine.

  1. You get to put your total body to work:

When you swim, you have to work your whole body, literally from head to toes. You use your arms for pushing the water, your legs and your hips for kicking. You have to keep your body align. You have to roll, to turn. You have to swim with your whole body.

Many people have to make a plan to work specific muscles. You can work your entire body with four kinds of swimming stroke. Moreover, your core strength can be developed through using all body’s muscles simultaneously.

  1. It helps with your cardiovascular system:

When you swim, you have to put a lot of effort into breath control since it is a basic technique in swimming. Running is nowhere near swimming in term of breath control. The increased demand for oxygen your body experiences when swimming makes your muscles work more, every muscle.

You get a healthy and strong heart through swimming and heart failure is a health condition that everybody is afraid of.

  1. Help with your build:

Quite different from weight workout which builds shorter and denser musles, swimming helps to build muscles that are longer and leaner. Your build is more balanced that way. Those muscles not only make you look more attractive but also increase the metabolism rate, which helps to burn more calories.

  1. Increase your flexibility:

A pool that is heated in the sunlight can help relax your muscles. Through swimming, you can do important stretching and find your body much more flexible. Swimming is a perfect complement to workouts that build lactic acid such as running, cycling or weight-lifting. Spending some time in the pool helps push out those toxins so that you do feel sore and tight in your muscles the next day.

  1. Burn calories:

There has been false rumor that swimming can not help you lose weight. It does. If you swim moderately for an hour, you can burn up to more than 500 calories. Since it boosts your metabolism, after you have gotten out of the pool, that burning process still continues.

Also, when you put on a swimsuit and show yourself in public, you will feel motivated to lose weight.

  1. Swimming is a low-impact workout:

Since it is low-impact, it is friendly to your joints. This reason makes it a perfect complement to your existing routine with all the high-impact exercises such as running or cycling. For a person who is on a recovery process from an injury, swimming is a suitable way to exercise and stay active.

After a marathon or a half one, you need some time to recover. Swimming can be an addition to those days and you will find that your knees can feel relaxed in the pool.

  1. Socialize:

Go to the swimming pool, show off your body or join a swimming club is a great way to meet new people and make friends. You will feel more motivated to keep fit and stay healthy when exercising in groups. You can improve your performance with helps and tips received from other swimmers.

Also, the pool is a great place to meet a love interest with a clear look at the other person’s figure.

  1. Cross-train:

Swimming is optimal for cross-training. It helps balance your workout routine with swimming on one side and high-impace workout such as running on the other. This way, you are less likely to suffer from injuries while still training everyday.

You will find that you actually perform better at other sports such as running or at the gym when cross-training with swimming. When you are a better swimmer (Bài 28), you can be better at your other activities too.


Overall, swimming is a great addition to your workout routine. You get to work your entire body and every muscles. You can achieve your dream figure and build with swimming. You can be a more rounded sport enthusiast.

What’s more, swimming is relaxing and fun. It can be quite addictive after you get used to the pool. When that happens, you would not want to miss even one day at the pool.

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