Why you should attend a swim camp

Camping is an outdoor activity that you all should do at one time or another. Camps are fun and you get to learn tons of things from them, and those apply to all kinds of camp, including swim camps.

Why you should attend a swim camp

While you have to bring your best camping tents when going on a normal camping trip, you have to bring your A game when going on a swim camp. If not, the camp will help to bring out the A game in you.

While many people think that it is better to just stick to the local pool and coach, to keep to oneself, exercise at one’s own pace and do it in one’s own way, there are many good reasons to do just the opposite. Here are the reasons you should look up for information regarding a swim camp and register immediately.

  1. The environment:

That is the first and most important reason why everybody is attending or sending their kids to camps: A change in the environment, and a positive one at that. Swim camps provide the environment for improvements, fun, friends and competitiveness. With their schedule, facilities and many passionate swimmers around, you will feel like working harder and actually perform better.

It is always important to step out of your comfort zone sometimes, in this case that is your local pool with all the stuffs that you are familiar with. There is hardly any chance for you to be lax at a camp. They allow you to unleash some hidden potentials that you might not know of when going at your own pace.

  1. The facilities:

Sometimes, your local pool gets too crowded and you cannot practice properly because there is always something to get in your way. At a camp, you can practice without bumping into someone else. You will find the pool to be completely available for your use.

At swim camps, you also get to use many equipments that otherwise you cannot afford them. Pulley system, hydro-dynamc resistance machines, fins and kickboards of high quality… they are available for you to make the most use of them and improve your performance. You swimmers will find every tools you need to succeed at swim camps, including healthy meals with good foods for swimmers.

  1. The coaching:

Some camps can offer you the chance to be coached under Olympic and collegiate level coaches. In swimming, a good coach can do you much good. They can push you to work hard and give you advices to improve considering your present performance. Aspiring, competitive swimmers always appreciate the opportunity to have a successful coach since they can learn by watching that person closely.

Also, the training programs swim camps offer are scientifically designed to bring out the best in you. Some even have programs customized to suit different skill levels. You will find that their training plans (http://www.active.com/triathlon/articles/a-swim-training-plan-for-beginner-triathletes) are meant to make you the best swimmer you capable of becoming.

However, you should ask for information regarding their philosophy and aims before registering to make sure that they are suitable for you.

  1. Friends and competitions:

At swim camps, you can meet a lot of people, some even come from another countries, who share your passions. You can make friends and learn a lot from them. You all will train, have meals, rest and have all kinds of fun with fellow campers, which will create some great memories.

The experience is very valuable. Nothing can push people harder than competitions. Swimming alongside someone good at it can definitely make you want to work harder and perform better. Watching other swimmers swim and learning from them are essential in order for you to improve yourself.

  1. The locations:

Some camps are located at ideal locations where you can train a lot and also have a lot of fun. You can have outdoor swims or practice open water swims. It is always great to incorporate learning and traveling. You will achieve that with certain swim camps.

  1. All the extras:

Swim camps offer many recreational activities and all chances of having fun in addition to training. You will that swim camps are not that of all work and no fun. You will have a lot of fun and all kinds of fun possible. If the location is one that is at a beach (many swim camps are), you can go snorkeling, deep sea fishing and many fun activities that come with a beach.


There are so many good reasons for you to attend a swim camp. Just like any camp out there, swim camps offer opportunities to have fun while learing many things.


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